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GTS Group comprises GTS Maintenance Ltd & GTS Nitrogen Services Ltd.

GTS Maintenance Ltd have moved from strength to strength, gaining an excellent reputation for manufacturing and maintaining a whole host of systems beneficial to a number of industries.

Originally offering manufacture and maintenance of gas holders to the gas industry, our team saw a gap in the market and diversified into steel roof installations for anaerobic digesters and gas holder/containment systems. In doing so, we were able to better support a variety of sectors; including the water and waste water industry. In addition to designing and installing tailored digester systems, our team also built up knowledge and experience in the maintenance and repair of these systems.

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Once we were established in this field, with an enviable reputation, we also delved into and began providing a range of specialist nitrogen services through our sister company GTS Nitrogen Services, these services are suited for a variety of industrial applications. Utilising different nitrogen-based solutions, we are able to work with a wealth of companies to assist in resolving their maintenance, production and storage problems.

To this day, we still take a personal approach to each and every task we undertake. Each solution we offer is bespoke, and we work with every client to help them make the best choices for both themselves and the company they are responsible for. By drawing on decades of experience, we can help you reach an informed decision with our reliable and trustworthy advice.

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