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What Is Anaerobic Digestion?

Anaerobic Digestion a natural process that is designed to efficiently and organically dispose of biodegradable materials. Here at GTS Maintenance, we specialise in manufacturing, installing and maintaining digester tanks bespoke to you and your industries requirements. Microorganisms work to break down material in the absence of oxygen making it perfect for managing biodegradable waste in a variety of industrial settings.

Benefits of Using Anaerobic Digesters

Biogas is the end product of anaerobic digestion and can be used to produce fuels, generate electricity and provide gas to the national pipeline grid. Altogether, anaerobic digestion helps create more eco-efficient and self-sufficient solutions for businesses helping industries save money, recycle waste and reduce the environmental impact of such by-products.

Micro Anaerobic Digestion Systems

As we offer a tailored approach to the systems and plant equipment we provide, we can also offer customers micro anaerobic digesters to ensure you get the best fit of plant for your usage needs. These can include:

Micro anaerobic digesters can be applied to anywhere where there is a need and benefit for AD but a full-sized system wouldn’t be appropriate; it would be far too expensive and too large for the needs of these kind of users.

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Supply & Installation

We carry out an initial consultation and thorough survey of your site to get an understanding of your needs before putting together a detailed and accurate quotation. Once approved, we can look at your design and engineering process before moving forward with the fabrication and installation of your digester. Our specialist technicians implement regular assessments of your digester tanks to ensure everything is in good working order. We also carry out statutory inspections and compliance certification in accordance to the HSWA 74 and under the IGEM technical safety standard series for the water and gas industries. The specialism we cover include:

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