GTS Maintenance

The Problem

External ultrasonic thickness testing of the roof indicated that the roof was thinning dramatically and a few pinhole leaks were evident. The client decided that. the roof needed replacing

The Solution

Build a new steel roof on site whilst other contractors emptied and clean the interior of the digester, to enable the refurbishment of the digester.

The Project Execution

Phase 1 – Design new steel roof to be built on site in an adjacent area suitable for a single crane lift onto the digester once complete.

Phase 2 – Set up a CDM area on site for the construction of the new roof.

Phase 3 – Lay out and weld the new roof sub structure.

Phase 4 – Plate the sub structure with 6mm steel sheeting and weld into place.

Phase 5 – Paint the interior and exterior of the roof to the client’s specification.

Phase 6 – Remove the old digester roof, utilising a crane lift, land the old roof next to the area set up for the new roof build.

Phase 7 – Crane lift new roof onto the digester and secure in place

Phase 8 – Lift the old roof into the CDM area and cut up into sections for removal and scrapping.

The Outcome

The client was able to carry out the empty, cleaning and refurbishment of the digester whilst GTS built a new roof, reducing time and cost for the client.