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GTS Maintanence

Digester Cleaning – GTS Maintenance

By utilising the knowledge gained from our years operating in the industrial cleaning sector, our innovative team have built the only ATEX / DSEAR compliant screen unit in the entire of the UK. This system enables us to undertake the cleaning of live digesters, reducing downtime and profit loss; while optimising the output of the digesters.

Using silt separation equipment, we are able to carry out effective digester cleaning, while preventing fine materials being carried over. This process allows you to keep your digester running without worrying about any of our products contaminating the materials produced by the digestion process.

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Digester Cleaning Package

Because we innovated this process, our expert team are able to tailor the service to suit your particular requirements. Our digester cleaning package can be used as part of our other maintenance services, simply get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your options.

In addition to the cleaning of active digesters, we can also clean your system in anticipation of refurbishment. Our project management team can develop a de-commission plan, utilising our purging service to effectively clean your system. With a vast knowledge of regulations such as the CDM regulations 2015, you can rely on us to ensure all our processes are carried out effectively, in keeping with professional standards and requirements.

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