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GTS Maintenance

Gas Storage Tanks

Here at GTS Maintenance we are specialists in the maintenance, design, manufacture and site installation of gas containment holders and gas storage tanks, alongside there associated pipe work. We work within the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers IGEM/SR/4 Edition 3 guidance. Our clients include many of the UK Water (Waste Water) Companies, together with clients from the Biogas and Food Waste Industry.

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Biogas Holders

We carry out statutory inspections and compliance certification in accordance to the HSWA 74, and under the IGEM technical safety standard series for the water and gas industries. The specialisms we cover include: IGEM/SR/4 – Variable volume gasholder IGEM/SR/14 – Fixed volume storage IGEM/SR/15 – Integrity of safety-related systems IGEM/SR/16 – Odorant plant IGE/SR/18 – Safe working practices to ensure the integrity of gas pipelines and associated installations IGE/SR/22 – Purging operations for fuel gases in transmission, distribution and storage IGE/SR/23 – Venting of natural gas IGE/SR/24 – Risk assessment techniques IGEM/SR/25 – Hazardous area classification Further information on these Codes of Practice can be found here.

Gas Holders

If you need bio gas holders or have an existing system in need of maintenance, repair or refurbishment, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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