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Nitrogen Shrink Fitting

Shrink fitting using liquid nitrogen is an effective, low-cost solution for insert and piping fitting where alternative methods may be too expensive or risky.

Compared with heat fitting and force fitting, nitrogen shrink fitting is unparalleled in the advantages that it affords your business.

It saves on capital costs, as heat fitting is a comparatively expensive process and force fitting requires costly pressing equipment, and is a damage free alternative; opting for force fitting increases the risk that components will be irreparably damaged by the process.

What Is a Nitrogen Shrink Fit?

A nitrogen shrink fit involves using liquid nitrogen to cool down parts to reduce size and ease the assembly process of equipment, parts, machinery and plant equipment.

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The Nitrogen Shrink Fitting Process

The process works by:

This achieves an incredibly precise method of fitting that isn’t as easy, cost effective or possible to achieve with other fitting methods. One of the added benefits of utilising shrink fit over other fitting methods is the reduced risk of damage; liquid nitrogen exponentially reduces the risk of distortion and damage, as it has little metallurgical effect on materials (both ferrous and non-ferrous). Rather than using less efficient or potential damaging methods of fitting, make use of our professionalism and expertise in the nitrogen field and experience the benefits. For more on our nitrogen shrink fitting services, simply call our knowledgeable team today on 0800 181 4456 or, alternatively, you can email us direct by using our website’s online contact form here.

Useful resources:

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